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'There can be a flow and ease to life when you live from the wisdom that naturally resides within you. Returning to this inner place of settlement is a destination worth exploring'

~ Bianca

Bianca has been working in the health industry for 20+ years and at Living Stillness Bianca offers complementary to medicine therapies. As a complementary to medicine practitioner, Bianca absolutely loves the seemingly complicated cases where a patient has been the beneficiary of everything medicine has to offer but is experiencing side effects, such as fatigue, pain, neuropathy, lack of mobility, stress and trauma, anxiety, uncertainty and the very real and daily reminder that scar tissue brings, be it aesthetic, emotional and/or physical.

Bianca is deeply committed to the care of the human body, no matter someone’s age, medical condition or life experience.

She brings a level of presence and attention to detail that supports people to feel absolutely met as a whole person, beyond their diagnosis, their symptoms and lack of function. People often comment that their journey through the medical system is like a “whirl wind” where they don’t get a chance to catch their breath or consider how they feel about their diagnosis, the treatment and procedures, the effects on themselves, their family and their future. Bianca supports the person to understand this is the nature of having to address a serious medical diagnosis and ensure prompt and timely provision of medical care but combines this with the knowing that it is never too late (or too early!) to address the whole person, seeing them beyond their diagnosis and symptoms, once the acute phase of their treatment has subsided and/or medical clearance for complementary treatment been given.

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Bianca has a Diploma in Remedial Massage, is a certified Oncology Massage Therapist and is currently studying a Lymphoedema Practitioner course which includes the highly sought-after specialty of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.


Recognising that people are much more than the illness or issue that they are experiencing, inspired Bianca to complete further studies in the complementary to medicine healing modalities of Universal Medicine, which have supported her enormously with her own health, well-being and feeling an ease and flow in life. 

She has a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE) and works as a trainer in the Diploma of Remedial Massage, which ensures she is always up to date with industry changes.

Bianca has a keen interest in women’s health and supporting women to feel well, confident and more honouring of themselves and their needs. She regularly presents on women's health and well-being topics and shares her own experiences of developing a relationship with health, vitality, healing and the inner qualities of being a woman in these presentations, in client sessions and in blog writing.  


Bianca treasures being married and being the mother of two teenagers and the opportunity for development that family life brings. She understands the pressure and expectations that daily life entails and the importance of deepening the quality of relationships with oneself and others.

A session with Bianca offers the highest level of integrity and respect for the client and an understanding of the choices one can make when living in a momentum of compromising what is truly needed to support the establishment of true health, well-being and vitality.

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"Deep within each and every women is a living quality of stillness, an unwavering companion that can be present in every moment of the day. With this living stillness comes a steadiness and authority that empowers each and every women to feel the innate wisdom she holds, meeting all that comes before her with a true response that holds all equally, including herself, in absolute love"


~ Bianca

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