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"Chakra-puncture is a healing modality that is complementary to medicine. It is a modality that  is based on the Science of the Nadis, the Science of our living energetic cells"

Chakra-puncture is a complementary-to-medicine healing modality that uses needles applied very lightly, into the skin. This modality is an extremely stilling & restorative technique that allows a deep surrender supporting the physiology of the body to return to a naturally harmonious state. It offers the client foundational support, both energetically and physically and a state of re-connection that allows deep healing to occur.

People report feeling washed clear as the modality supports a person to surrender and feel their own natural fiery energy, the stillness that lives within, and to experience a feeling of vitality. In essence, the client has the opportunity to connect to more of themselves, thereby assisting with clearing the body of old patterns and long-held ideals and beliefs that may be unsupportive to a balanced and harmonious way of being.


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