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Living Stillness Courses

Our Living Stillness Courses offer participants the opportunity to expand their awareness and make very real and practical living from the vast wisdom of their inner knowing. Each course is presented with the intimacy, cheekiness and realness that is synonymous with Living Stillness, making our innate wisdom very accessible, practical and simple to incorporate into modern life. 

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Self-Care Made Simple

This 3 lesson course introduces the participant to the simplicity of Self-Care. It's real, practical and super easy to incorporate into your life. We provide you with a Self-Care Journal to help you track your successes, along with amazingly supportive bonus resources. All the support you need to get started with Self-Care.

"Our ability to Self-Care is naturally built into every moment of our day. It is not about doing something extra or special or taking time out - its our everyday moments completed with the quality of YOU."

Living Stillness