Fertility Awareness Method

True empowerment for a woman comes from knowing her own body.

Is there a safe and effective method for Natural Birth Control?

It is commonly thought amongst women that the only effective method of contraception is the pill or other hormonal contraceptives such as the mirena IUD, depo provera injections or a vaginal hormone-releasing ring. However this is simply not the case.

All of the above methods are effective, although none can say they are 100%. Although effective, these methods also affect the balance and harmony of a woman's menstrual cycle.


So is there a way for natural contraception...a way for women to feel safe and confident about their choice of pregnancy, which doesn't interfere with their hormonal balance?


Yes, there absolutely is! And this method is so much more than simply contraception itself. With Natural Fertility Education, a woman begins to learn about her cycle and connects to the signs that her body is constantly providing in order to come to a solid understanding of when she is ovulating, as well as really getting to know her body along the way!

Natural Contraception

How do I know when I am ovulating?

By tracking your cervical mucous, the presence and quality of it, and with the support of a practitioner, you will begin to know the exact day that you ovulate each month, as well as knowing your 'fertile' days and your 'infertile' days. This is incredibly valuable for a woman, whether she is trying to avoid conception or whether she is trying to become pregnant.

So our methods of contraception are not limited to hormonal interference. There is absolutely another way, one that research shows is as equally effective as the oral contraceptive pill when both are used correctly.

*This method should not be attempted without the guidance and support of a trained professional.


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Fertility Awareness Method

To learn this method of contraception, the woman/couple needs to commit to a program of at least 3 cycles before she/they are ready to use this method confidently and effectively. The Fertility Awareness Method is 99% effective when used correctly and is far less invasive on the body than other hormonal methods. In fact, this method is very supportive and women find enormous benefit and empowerment from having a deeper understanding of their fertility and their body.

To find out more or to book in for an initial session, use the enquiry button further down the page.

Understanding your Fertility Course

This online course provides you with the foundation of understanding your fertility and gives you the basics in how to approach Fertility awareness for contraception and/or conception. It has the added benefit of a group of women, where you can ask questions and have the support from each other's sharing and experiences.

To find out more and to check the next scheduled course, go to our bookings and events page.

There is so much that can be revealed to us about our bodies and about ourselves, the more we connect to and understand our menstrual cycle in its entirety.

'Rhythm is our relationship with the quality of how we feel within ourselves each and every day'

Natalie Benhayon


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Fertility Awareness Method

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