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Living Stillness, providing health care, well-being support, counselling and massage for women, men & children. Individual sessions, group support & workshops are available.

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Fertility Awareness Method

True empowerment for a woman comes from knowing her own body.

There is so much that can be revealed to us about our bodies and about ourselves, the more we connect to and understand our menstrual cycle in its entirety.

'Rhythm is our relationship with the quality of how we feel within ourselves each and every day'

Natalie Benhayon


To enquire further about how we can support you with natural contraception, please be in touch.

Fertility Awareness Method

Our Cycles App


Esoteric Women's Health

True Health & Well-being for women - Health from Within

The ultimate well-being app for women and men

Counselling, courses & programs on all things menstruation & reproductive health for teenagers and menstruating women

Follow your Flow

Women in Livingness

Life-changing events throughout Australia that support empowerment of women

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