Fertility, Preconception, Pregnancy & Post-natal Care

Being fertile is a natural, harmonious state that goes way beyond a woman’s physical body

At Living Stillness, we support women through all stages of fertility, preconception, pregnancy & post-natal. With the understanding and support of the woman as a whole, the modalities and sessions we provide bring home the importance of connection and the relationship one has to oneself. The stresses of infertility can be significant for couples, so dealing with this stress is paramount in the process. We see women and couples throughout every stage of fertility, preconception,  pregnancy & post-natal development.

'Fertility could be described as a rich, totally nourished and full of potential state of being available to women' ~ Sara

Fertility & Preconception

Fertility in women is not just about getting pregnant, it is about our relationship with ourselves, with our body and our capacity to constantly and forever deepen, develop and ‘grow’ the relationship we have with the essence of being a woman. When we extend this into all areas throughout the cycles of our life it brings the bountifulness of fertility to all.

When we approach our fertility in this way, we bring much more to preconception care. When preconception care has the sole focus of conceiving a baby, the woman loses focus and awareness of the single most important relationship she will ever have ~ the one with herself.

Fertility & Preconception Care

If you are trying to conceive or thinking about it in the future, we can support with programs for both women and men. These programs are designed and tailored to your health concerns, looking at all aspects of life and your quality of living.


Stress is one of the major players when it comes to fertility problems and is often challenging when couples are going through the process of assisted reproductive technology. Our aim is to prepare you and your body first and foremost, whereby your body has more chance of a healthy conception, is supported through the pregnancy and is able to cope much more steadily when the baby arrives.

The Fertility Awareness Method is a proven contraceptive method that is also used for conception. Understanding your cycle and when ovulation occurs is key to planning a pregnancy. Sara is trained in this method and can support you through this process.

Pregnancy & Post-natal Care

During your pregnancy, we offer pregnancy massage to support your body through every stage. Bianca & Sara are fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapists, who also teach at one of Australia's most renowned colleges. As well as this, they both have extensive experience in Women's Health and Pregnancy, along with their own personal experience.

We offer a deeply nurturing space for women during their pregnancy and after the delivery of the baby to support the restoration of the body. We encourage women to make their relationship with themselves a priority so that they can restore and rejuvenate and be more present and more able to be there for their children and others in their lives.

Sara is trained as a Nurture Life™ pregnancy massage specialist. See our massage page for more information.

A woman who truly nurtures understands she cannot nurture another unless she has nurtured herself.


To enquire further about how we can support you with fertility, preconception & pregnancy, please be in touch.

Fertility, Preconception & Pregnancy


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