Girl to Woman Project

True respect and love of ourselves is the foundation for

respectful and loving relationships with others.

 The Girl to Woman Project, an arm of Esoteric Women's Health, was founded in 2013 to develop programs and a truly supportive education for girls as they make their transition into becoming a woman.

Girls today are navigating the many loaded messages of the media and society's interpretation of what a woman should be. So it can be difficult for a young person, who is finding their way in the world, to develop a true sense of themselves without ending up lost in the worlds expectations of who they need to be and how they need to act.

There are enormous social pressures, in the face of a hyper-sexualised society, that is telling girls that they need to be everything but themselves.

Girls today are in desperate need of role models that are real and true so that they have the opportunity to know their own inner beauty and thus can celebrate themselves naturally. A girl that knows her value will be valued by others.

In The Girl to Woman Project, we create an opportunity to discuss the pressures girls feel whilst also presenting them with tools to support them to re-connect to their true feelings and who they truly are and to live this in the world.

In The Girl to Woman Project, we create an opportunity to discuss the pressures girls feel whilst also presenting them with tools to support them to re-connect to their true feelings and who they truly are and to live this in the world.

Girl to Woman Programs

This girls health & mentoring program has been developed to support girls as they make this super important transition into becoming a woman. Throughout the ages, this transition has always been a very sensitive and sometimes challenging time.

Through the support of this program for girls, they will gain a deeper understanding of their body, they will learn how to build the foundations of a solid relationship with themselves and will be more informed and aware of the world around them. 

Girl to Woman Festival

The Girl to Woman Festival celebrates and honours girls and women of all ages. It offers a wide range of activities, workshops, performances and discussion groups.

This event is an amazing opportunity for whole families to come together, to appreciate and connect. It's a special day for all generations of women and the men that love and support them.

The festival is an annual and popular community event in Lennox Head, NSW and is now expanding to the rural community of Tenterfield. There are also plans for the festival to come to Melbourne in 2018.

Girl to Woman Programs

Girl to Woman Programs are individual sessions over a series of weeks or months, whereby they will be supported to bring more understanding to themselves, their bodies, their relationships and to life.

Growing up as a young woman today is not a walk in the park. Life is very fast paced and the expectations to keep up with a society that is not confirming of the true and natural beauty we innately have within, is challenging and at times overwhelming.

Girls need to feel the confidence in simply being themselves, knowing who they are and feeling okay with bringing all they have to the world.

Some topics of discussion may be:

  • What is self-care?

  • What does it mean to 'Be yourself'?

  • Body image

  • Myths & Misconceptions of being a woman

  • Social Media & healthy use of technology

  • Myths & Misconceptions of menstruation

  • Understanding your menstrual cycle

  • What does it mean to be empowered?

  • Understanding the importance of sleep

  • Connection to self and others

'Our body is always loving us. Listen & feel and you will see'.

Sara Harris


The Girl to Woman Festival Lennox Head 2018 wrap up video captures the absolute gorgeousness and pure joy of the event. You can't help but smile as you see the transformation in these girls throughout the day at these festivals.


These events are such a wonderful opportunity for us all to get involved and support girls, as they make their transition into becoming tomorrow's women.

The Girl to Woman song, by Michael Benhayon, is a powerful reminder for girls about who they are and to never shy away from the grace, strength and wisdom that they naturally bring.

2018 Lennox Head Girl to Woman Festival

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