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"The key to meditation is developing connection, and nothing more than that. If you use meditation to determine the quality of your energetic state of being you will have eliminated every external influence that can affect you"

"When we lose ourselves, we lose the rhythm of our breath – meditation is a coming together. It is a stop to recollect yourself and gather your true breath."


Serge Benhayon 

Esoteric Teachings and Revelations - A New Study for Mankind, p 507 

Gentle Breath Meditation™

The Gentle Breath Meditation™ is a very simple and practical way to re-connect back to one's self. This meditation was founded by Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine in 1999 and since then has supported thousands in developing back to a way of life of true vitality and ease, one that is free from overwhelm and the stresses of everyday life. 

The Gentle Breath Meditation™ is like learning how to breath again no different to that of a baby. Somewhere along the line, we lose this delicate gentleness and awareness of our breath and therefore what we breath is dis-connection with no awareness of what we are taking into our bodies. The result often being a sense of unease, anxiety, overwhelm, stress among many others. 

By choosing a quality in our breath we can restore the natural flow and rhythm in our body. This then changes the way we move and approach life, the way we work and the way we are in our relationships. This is significant given that most of the time we think we are at the mercy of what life is throwing at us. Yet with the support of the Gentle Breath Meditation™ we begin to realise that we have much more say in how we feel in our body with a choice then of how and whether we react or respond. 

Read some testimonials on how The Gentle Breath Meditation™ has been a significant support in people's lives. 

Free Meditation downloads

You can access a range of guided Gentle Breath Meditations on the Unimed Living website along with great articles on meditation, the benefits of meditation, conscious presence and meditation myths.

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"These meditations can be done anywhere and are simple to introduce into the rhythm of daily life as a point of re-connecting, restoring inner harmony and as a balance for the external pressures of life"

Unimed Living

Meditation Classes

At Living Stillness we offer monthly free meditation classes in Caulfield/Malvern & Doncaster areas. These 1 hour sessions support re-connection and are an opportunity for discussion on a particular aspect of life. Meditation in a group is very supportive, to then take this out into your every day. See our booking and events page for further details.

"As you develop your connection to you and being gentle, this then becomes a way of being that you carry in your day and thus your life becomes your meditation too"

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Esoteric Yoga - The Yoga of Stillness

Esoteric Yoga, also known as the yoga of stillness, is a profound practice that allows us to come back to the natural rhythm in our body. A rhythm and a quality that reminds us of who we are from deep within. It is natural for us to be steady and at ease yet we can very easily get caught up in the racy, fast-paced world that expects us to keep up with it's demands.

Esoteric Yoga supports a way of living that maintains a connection to our inner-most essence whilst still living amongst the craziness of life. Affording ourselves the grace and space offered through the powerful modality of Esoteric Yoga is a profound foundational support. It's an opportunity to stop, re-connect & deeply appreciate the body and all that it is communicating to us.

Our online group programs make this powerful modality very accessible in the comfort of your own space. Visit our events page to find out about upcoming yoga programs.

“We have lost the ability to be still and or even know what it is.
That stillness is within – it is in your inner-most.”

Serge Benhayon



The simple practice of Esoteric Yoga helps to restore the bodies natural rhythm & quality of stillness. Individual sessions offer one-on-one support. During a session, we get to see how we are living in our day-to-day lives. And by coming back to a marker of stillness in the body, a quality that is natural, we start to become much more aware. The ongoing support from an Esoteric Yoga session is profound.

Esoteric Yoga is founded by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine

"Esoteric Yoga develops the quality that becomes the movement
that you will magnify throughout your body."

Serge Benhayon