Mothering Support

At Living Stillness we understand first hand what it means to be a mother within the demands of our modern age. We know the joy this role can bring, as well as the tiredness, exhaustion, anxiousness, constant doing and giving this role entails. We have been caught up in the trend that most women today have adopted being the 24-7 everything to everyone but with the health of women declining we have allowed ourselves to stop and be honest about how we feel.

Being a mother is a golden opportunity to love and adore yourself. This then becomes the foundation and nurturing quality that you bring to all.

Support for Mothers

The foundation we live by, puts a stop to the paradigm that says as women and mothers we are only good enough if we are doing and giving our all to another.  We have re-found a way to be that re-connects to our inner knowing and ensures that we can bring ourselves and the essence of ourself as a women to our role of mother and leave exhaustion and overwhelm behind. With this lived authority we have developed individual and group programs to support you to be the women you are within your mothering role.

Defining & identifying yourself as a mother negates the essence of the woman you naturally are. Bringing the woman to your role as a mother ensures an ease, a simplicity and self-regard that is constantly supporting you & all.

Personal Programs

Available to women of all ages and stages of the mothering experience. This mothering support program will be tailored to suit your own individual needs and will incorporate the modalities offered at Living Stillness. 

If you would like to leave exhaustion, overwhelm and the anxiousness that modern day mothering brings behind and understand the true qualities of mothering and how you can bring all of you to your role as mother this program is for you.

Group Programs

Mothering from Within - 6 week course

At Living Stillness we have developed a 6 week online program to support women to re-connect to their innate knowing and begin Mothering from Within. Please see our Women’s Health event page for more information.

Esoteric Yoga for Mothers

Know as the 'Yoga of Stillness' Esoteric Yoga is profoundly supportive in bringing quality and connection to yourself and the way that you live. With the overwhelm, exhaustion and stress that can often dominate women's lives, Esoteric Yoga sessions offer deep healing and restoration for the body.

Every woman deserves a life where she feels supported in her health, supported in
her feelings and free to choose a truly dignified and honouring way of life.


To enquire further about how we can support you with aspects of mothering, please be in touch.

Support for Mothers


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