Sacred Esoteric Healing

"Sacred Esoteric Healing deals with the ill energy first and then with whatever scarring there is thereafter as a complement to all conventional medical procedures and avenues."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 124

Sacred Esoteric Healing

Sacred Esoteric Healing is a gentle hands-on healing technique applied over clothes to different parts of the body. Each session supports the client to connect to their inner-most qualities supporting a deep rest and offers a deeper awareness of the disharmony or dis-ease that they may be experiencing. With this awareness, the healing can facilitate the change that may be needed to bring more balance and harmony to the body and to life. Each session leaves the client with a clearer perspective which encourages them to observe and not absorb life.

Medicine is very good at treating illness and disease, however without addressing energetic awareness of the underlying causes, there can be no true healing. In this way, Sacred Esoteric Healing is beautifully complementary to Medicine. 

What to expect?

In most cases a client will come to the session with something that is bothering them, whether that be a physical injury, ailment or condition they are experiencing or things in life just may not feel quite right, they may have a relationship issue or feel a sense of uneasiness in their body without knowing why. There may also be unresolved emotional issues that they would like to address. 

The searching and seeking to understand and also to find what the 'more' is underneath it all is usually what brings someone to a Sacred Esoteric Healing session. They are seeking to arrest the ill energy and discomfort and with that, a re-connection back to ones soul. 

Typically, the practitioner and client will have a discussion before the hands-on session, this being a very important aspect of the healing. Given the opportunity to express openly and honestly begins the healing process prior to the discarding and transmutation of the ill when on the healing table.

Re-connection & Restoration

The vast majority of us have been conditioned by life to look outside of ourselves to inform us of who we are and how we are to be in every moment. With this choice to leave our knowing of our essence and rely on the outer for recognition and approval we create ingrained behaviours and movements that become the “me” we then identity ourselves as being.


During a Sacred Esoteric Healing (SEH) session these layers that do not belong to our inner-most core are removed and the flow of fiery energy that is from our inner-most way of being is restored. During this process a client feels re-connected to a knowing that makes them feel settled, safe and very held. After a session, many clients often remark on how relaxed they feel and that they feel rejuvenated and very clear. A SEH session offers you the space to be honest about how you feel and look at the root energetic cause of what disturbs our way of being.

 “During the Sacred Esoteric Healing session my body felt so warm and calm. The practitioner felt very caring and unimposing and I felt safe to just be me. After the session my body felt lighter and like I wasn’t operating in separate parts anymore, I felt more together.” 

NJ, Aged 35  

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