Understanding the differences between Acupuncture and Chakra-puncture

Here we have 2 modalities that may seem to be similar from the outside, however, are very different when we take a closer look.

Both Acupuncture and Chakra-puncture use needles to penetrate the skin. Acupuncturists use needles to insert quite deep into the skin and then the needle is manipulated. Whereas with Chakra-puncture, a very fine Japanese needle is used and is lightly tapped to penetrate only 0.3mm. So as you can see, these modalities are very different in the way that they are applied and the technique that is used.

As well as this, Acupuncture uses a meridian system whereby the aim of the treatment is to manipulate and move energy along these channels. If energy is moved, the client may experience some relief, as the area of concern in the body no longer presents the 'hurt' or the 'symptom'. Chakra-puncture has a different approach, using the ancient system of the Nadis, whereby the practitioner assists in opening some of the 45,000 pockets where light/energy passes through our body, in order to clear the offending energy from the body. Note here, that Chakra-puncture does not move energy around the body to redistribute it in order to create some relief. It actually supports the body to clear the energy by way of opening and allowing the natural expression of light and love.

To book a Chakra-puncture session, please be in contact here.

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