Universal Medicine Therapies

"Our greatest form of medicine is to live who we truly are" 

Serge Benhayon

Universal Medicine Therapies, founded by Serge Benhayon, are a set of modalities that allow a deep settlement and stillness in the body where one can feel a re-connection back to themselves. 

Given the way we live today, with stress, anxiety, exhaustion, illness and disease all becoming 'the norm', our way of living is negating the fact that life can be vital, joyful and our bodies can be consistently well and at ease. To this, these modalities offer profound support. 

The modalities include:

Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Massage, Chakra-puncture, Connective Tissue Therapy and Gentle Breath Meditation.

The Universal Medicine Modalities are practiced globally by  practitioners who are registered with the Esoteric Practitioners Association.They are a support for the body to heal rather than a 'cure' or 'fix' and empower one to be responsible for their own health & well-being. Universal Medicine Therapies are a perfect complement to conventional medicine and are the modalities of choice for many doctors, physiotherapists, surgeons, nurses, naturopaths, acupuncturists & massage therapists worldwide.

Sacred Esoteric Healing

Sacred Esoteric Healing (SEH) is a gentle, non-invasive hands on healing technique applied over clothes to different parts of the body. This modality supports the client to deeply rest and feel a quality of settlement that naturally lives within them. SEH does not offer a “cure” for any disease or ill condition but offers a healing space that facilitates a greater awareness and depth of connection, providing the client with an opportunity to make changes to support their health and well-being

Esoteric Massage

Esoteric Massage is unique and unlike the common practices of massage that often use deep tissue work and include pressing, pressure or pain. Esoteric Massage is a healing modality that uses gentle massage to support the healing of ingrained energetic and physical disharmony. It works on supporting the right flow of energy in and through the body to enable the return to its natural unhindered way of physical movement and function. Esoteric Massage is deeply stilling and relaxing, supporting the body to let go of tension and make more space for reconnection and healing. Client’s feel deeply settled during the massage and are met with absolute care, respect and no imposition by their Living Stillness practitioner.

Connective Tissue Therapy

Connective Tissue is the most abundant tissue in the human body. It is found within and around our organs, muscles, tendons and bones. It is our bodies soft tissue framework and our connective tissue is responsible for supporting and connecting all these structures as a whole. 

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy (ECTT) works directly with connective tissue system and the energy flowing through it supporting a restoration of the natural balance and harmony held within the body. This restoration of balance, supports a client’s body to become more fluid and flowing in its movement and function. 


Chakra-Puncture (C-P) is a healing modality that uses a light application of fine needles, offering a client’s body a powerful, deeply stilling and rejuvenating healing which supports the client to have a very real and tangible experience of connection to their inner-most self.


C-P can be a stand alone session or developed into a series of sessions, forming a program which is tailored to each client’s individual needs. C-P programs support a wide range of areas including stress, sleep issues, feeling unsettled with oneself or in relationships, and digestive disturbances, to name a few. Each C-P session offers the client a greater level of understanding on any challenges, distresses or ailments they may be experiencing, providing a platform for increased health and well-being outcomes.

Yoga & Meditation

There are so many books, theories and practices out there on meditation with many different disciplines behind them. Through our own personal experiences, now within our clinics at  Living Stillness, we recommend The Gentle Breath Meditation™. This is a very simple and supportive way to find connection through the gentle breath technique as taught by Serge Benhayon. Not only that, it support one to maintain connection without arduous or lengthy breathing techniques, postures, visualisations or poses. Thousands of people world-wide have come to this meditation and found a profound support in the simplicity and insight that it offers them about the quality with which they live.

At Living Stillness we support you to be the expert in your health & well-being.