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2020 LSTV Episodes

Episode 1 - Expression is everything

In this webinar we talk about expression and how it needs to be an essential ingredient in our health care plan. 

Have you ever noticed when someone walks into a room you may get a sense of how they're feeling or what kind of vibes they are putting out? They might be agitated, excited, upset, flat, really happy...all of this we could say is their expression and what quality they are in at that point in time. Ever noticed how sometimes this can affect you? Hence why, expression is everything!

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Episode 2 - Sensitivity

In this episode we talk about sensitivity and how it is in fact our greatest strength.

Recorded in the midst of COVID-19, this episode talks about how sensitivity is essential to supporting ourselves and maintaining connection. At this time of global intensity, with high level panic and fear going on all around us, it is so important that we don't shut down to how we are feeling. It's very easy to feel overwhelmed and indulge in behaviours that are numbing and distracting - this withdrawal takes us away from our sensitivity and we lose touch with ourselves and others.

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Episode 3 - The poison of perfection

In this episode we talk about the poison of perfection. 

Recorded in the lead up to Mother's Day, yet relevant all year round and relevant to all women. The topic of perfection leads into discussion about comparison, judgment and the harshness that we tend to be with ourselves and sometimes others. We talk about what this looks like and how we might start to address this very compressed way of living, so that we may come back to our natural, enriched and full way of being. 

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Episode 4 - Compromise or Connection

We are making choices every moment of every day - even the simple quality of our breath is a choice. Sometimes we feel we are at the mercy of life and that there is no choice but to be on autopilot in order to just get things done. The true foundation of us is connection - we are born this way. Yet we step away from this as we become more part of life. What if the moment we dismiss that there is a connection, that we can bring our quality to something, then the only other choice is to compromise - and yes, this a choice! 


So the question is, how do we choose connection over compromise?

Episode 5 - Are you your harshest critic?

Well, last month we looked at Compromise...and what a HUGE topic it was!


What compromise leads to is being hard on ourselves and critical in ways we would probably never dream of treating our best friend. Yet the fact of the matter is, we can tend to be our harshest and most cunning critic, who knows precisely how to make us feel very small and unworthy or even hopeless. Who can relate to this? Anyone? Most of the women we know (ourselves included) have the highest of qualifications in this highly questionable ability. 

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