At Living Stillness we hold each and every women in the knowing that she is amazing. She may not have lived this quality for a long time, but we hold her in the absolute truth that her essence lies within and is not diminished. It is simply awaiting a true way of re-connecting, so she can once again step into and live the sacredness she naturally is.

Women today need the kind of support that allows them to be who they truly are. When as women, we re-discover our natural loving and nurturing ways we can realise that being ourselves is more than enough, even in a world that often demands us to be anything but.  

It is no secret that the number of breast cancer and ovarian cancer diagnoses are continuing to rise at astounding rates. The cases of infertility and problems with menstruation are arising much earlier in women and more frequently than ever before. There are countless discomforts and problems that women are experiencing when it comes to their health...

In order to gain some momentum in the other direction we need to begin addressing some deeper issues and to bring an understanding to the energetic aspects of such conditions.

By partnering with western medicine, our approach ensures that both physical and energetic understandings are available. When women experience health issues, whether it be physical or emotional in nature, below the surface there is always a preceding factor that needs to be considered. Taking a 'big picture' understanding can support a woman in her healing process.

So whether you are experiencing infertility, period pain, headaches, PCOS, amenorrhea or any other women's health issue, you may want to consider that your treatment options may be more than just a temporary fix. 

It is important for women to be well informed of their options when seeking treatment for their health. We work with conventional medicine to ensure that our clients are receiving the most complete care available.

Women's Health Program's

This program is personalised to each woman's individual state of health and well-being. You may have some health concerns, such as menstrual problems, menopause symptoms, stress and anxiety or other discomforts and disorders...or you may simply be wanting to understand and connect more to your body.


Through discussion and bodywork, your practitioner will support you to build a relationship with yourself centered around self-care and self-love, which can be a new concept for many women. If it is not new for you, the program will only take you deeper in confirming and further building this relationship.

Fertility, Preconception &

Pregnancy Care

We are in an age where infertility affects 1 in 6 couples. This is a huge number and one that we need to pay attention to. On a physical level we have got this all covered. The medical model for treatment of infertility is advancing all of the time, already using very sophisticated methods of assisting couples to achieve pregnancy. 

Whether you are considering pregnancy, have just begun the journey or in midst of assisted reproductive techniques, you may like to consider that there is much more to address in order to complete your fertility treatment, rather than just focusing on the physical aspects. 

Mothering Support

We are all too familiar with the worry, exhaustion & overwhelm and the everyday challenges mothers face. Both Bianca & Sara have children and between them have traversed the difficulties through relationships, single parenting, sleep deprivation, challenging behaviour (both adults & children) as well as experiencing the joys of being a mother, that come from a deep connection of knowing oneself.

These programs provide both education and support for mothers parenting children of all ages. It's an opportunity to talk in a very real and practical way whilst empowering women to reconnect to their inner-knowing & exploring the true qualities of mothering. 

Natural Contraception

At Living Stillness we support women to understand their cycle with the Fertility Awareness Method in order for them to use this as a safe and effective method of contraception. It is more and more common for women to be experiencing the effects of taking hormonal contraception and looking for a reliable alternative.

In using this method, women find the far reaching benefits of understanding and connective to their cycle on a much deeper level than ever before. Using this method in conjunction with Our Cycles App is supportive for women on all levels.


Natalie Benhayon on True Sexy

We could listen to Natalie talk all day! This short video is brings attention to the difference between sexual objectification and being sexy - and there is a difference.

Learn more about being truly sexy and how we need to reclaim this from what the media are portraying

"Sacredness brings forth the steadiness all women seek - to know exactly what is needed and when. And, never is the thereafter choice at the expense of yourself, and nor is it at the expanse of anybody else."

Natalie Benhayon