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Living Stillness, providing health care, well-being support, counselling and massage for women, men & children. Individual sessions, group support & workshops are available.

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'The Women's Urban Retreat was a life-changing point for me. Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me to see how important I am'

~ H.A 43 years (Retreat Participant)

When a women returns to her natural rhythm, she feels the truth of who she is & the depth of quality that she is born with, that naturally supports us all.

Bianca & Sara have worked within the field of health & well-being for the past 20 years. The support they offer women is based on their lived experience and dedication to their own healing & personal development in life, as parents, health professionals, educators & women. The foundation of their work is based on the fact that women are innately wise and by re-connecting to this wisdom, know how to support themselves to be the authority on their own body and their health & well being.


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