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Clinic Services

At Living Stillness we offer a range of services to support in the health and wellbeing of women & men. We come from the understanding that it's natural to have harmony between the body and the mind. Often we are not equipped to deal with life's challenges and our focus is about bringing back the simplicity of foundational life skills. 

 At Living Stillness we support the health and healing of the whole person and the life that surrounds them coming from the understanding that the way we live is in fact our greatest support. Our approach is to empower you to build a relationship with your body and inner awareness.

At Living Stillness we support you to be the expert in your mental health & well-being.

Counselling & Life Coaching

Counselling & Life Coaching are not unfamiliar terms these days, with more awareness around the importance of mental and emotional health. These aspects of our health are interdependent to our physical health and our overall well-being.

Our services in this area, support individuals to develop a relationship with connection - to one's body and to one's inner-most essence. Our approach is one that whole-person-centred, where issues can be addressed in conjunction with one's connection to inner being.


At Living Stillness we have the massage to suit your body's needs. So whether you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted, experiencing recurrent injury, aches and pains that get in the way of feeling good in your body or you'd just like some time out, we can support you with Remedial Massage & Relaxation Massage. Bianca offers specialised Oncology massage & Sara offers specialised Pregnancy & Post Natal massage.

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