Clinic Services

At Living Stillness we offer a range of services to support in the health and wellbeing of women, men and children. We come from the understanding that illness and disease are a part of healing and are an opportunity to grow and develop by considering the way we are living and the quality with which we care for ourselves.

We each have a responsibility for our own health and wellbeing and deserve to be empowered with this through any outside care that is provided. At Living Stillness we support the health and healing of the whole person and the life that surrounds them coming from the understanding that the way we live is in fact, medicine. 

At Living Stillness we support you to be the expert in your health & well-being.

Universal Medicine Therapies

The Universal Medicine Modalities are practiced globally by practitioners who are registered with the Esoteric Practitioners Association. These modalities are a support for the body to heal rather than a 'cure' or 'fix' and empower one to be responsible for their own health & well-being. Universal Medicine Therapies are a perfect complement to conventional medicine and are the modalities of choice for many doctors, physiotherapists, surgeons, nurses, naturopaths, acupuncturists & massage therapists worldwide.


At Living Stillness we have the massage to suit your body's needs. So whether you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted, experiencing recurrent injury, aches and pains that get in the way of feeling good in your body or you'd just like some time out, we can support you with Remedial Massage, Relaxation Massage or Esoteric Massage. Bianca offers specialised Oncology massage & Sara offers specialised Pregnancy & Post Natal massage.

Women's Health

At Living Stillness we support women in all areas of their health and well-being. In our current society women are experiencing many complex issues with their health ranging from exhaustion, anxiety and overwhelm to the challenges with hormonal imbalances, infertility and varying forms of cancer.

Through the support of the modalities offered at Living Stillness, we aim to support women in a way that empowers them to make the necessary shifts and changes providing an opportunity for healing. The way we approach health care is complementary to your conventional medical support.

Counselling & Life Coaching

Counselling & Life Coaching are not unfamiliar terms these days, with more awareness around the importance of mental and emotional health. These aspects of our health are interdependent to our physical health and our overall well-being.

Our services in this area, support individuals to develop a relationship with connection - to one's body and to one's inner-most essence. Our approach is one that is soul-centred, where issues can be addressed in conjunction with one's connection to who they truly are.

Family Care

At Living Stillness, we understand the impact of ill-health on those around us. It is so important that we include the whole family in a health care plan, that ensures a level of health that is supportive for all.

Sessions in Family Care have a focus on support within the family unit. This may be a family with children and therefore more about parenting and family dynamics or it may be about family dynamics among adults and grown children.

Yoga & Meditation

There are so many books, theories and practices out there on meditation with many different disciplines behind them. Through our own personal experiences, now within our clinics at  Living Stillness, we recommend Gentle Breath Meditation. This is a very simple and supportive way to find connection through the gentle breath technique.. Not only that, it support one to maintain connection without arduous or lengthy breathing techniques, postures, visualisations or poses. Thousands of people world-wide have come to this meditation and found a profound support in the simplicity and insight that it offers them about the quality with which they live.