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Counselling & Life Coaching

Counselling is an opportunity for us to talk through some of life's challenges, to express how we are feeling and to have someone who is there to support by way of listening and reflecting. The essence of the counselling offered at Living Stillness is soul-centered, acknowledging that we are soulful beings and therefore the approach to healing needs to be inclusive of this. 

It is becoming much more widely accepted that we all need emotional and psychological support to some degree and at some point in our lives. Whether it is a major incident, significant or minor trauma, anxiety, depression or simply a general unease with everyday life, counselling can be enormously beneficial to bring more understanding to ourselves and any situation we may find ourselves in. 


Anxiety is fast becoming a 'normal' way to be and live every day for so many people, which is hugely taxing on the body, not to mention an uncomfortable and very unpleasant state to be in. In fact it has become so 'the norm' that many people don't even realise that they are living with a constant underlying anxiousness. 


Often we carry many emotions and traumas in our body that have not been dealt with and just get buried and tucked away...yet they don't actually go away. Eventually, something triggers our past hurts and at that point we may not understand what has happened. A counsellor can support you to come to your own understanding and therefore your own healing. 

When we are willing to look at and deal with our hurts we can experience an ease and simplicity in life that we all deserve.

Personalised Programs

We offer personalised programs to support individuals with all aspects of life. This may include:

  • feeling dissatisfied with life

  • feelings of anxiety

  • difficulties in relationships

  • work challenges

  • family disharmony

  • health challenges

  • stress management

  • relationship with self

  • lack of self-worth & self-acceptance

  • unwanted behaviours & patterns

Get in contact to discuss how we can support you.

'Be yourself, not your idea of what you think somebody else's idea of you should be'


~ Henry David Thoreau

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