Living Stillness is a health & wellbeing centre based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide health care, well-being support, massage & counselling for women, men & children. Offering individual sessions, group support & workshops in person and online.


I have been seeing Sara for over 9 years and have always felt supported and understood. Sara is super caring, non judgemental and has an obvious love for people. She has supported me enormously to develop my confidence in my self, to let go of body image ideals and really step into the woman I am. I would highly recommend her to anyone. The environment Sara creates at Living Stillness is very nurturing and has always felt like a safe space.





Living Stillness offers a service that takes into account the whole person with the understanding that the quality of our health is a result of the way that we live in all aspects of life. 

Directors, Bianca Barban & Sara Harris, bring their combined experience and expertise in the health & well-being industry, spanning over 2 decades, to the clinic room, workshops/presentations & to well-being consulting for individuals, businesses & organisations.


The Living Stillness clinic operates from 2 beautifully nurturing and supportive locations - in Caulfield North & in Doncaster, Melbourne. Sessions are by appointment only - you can book online or by using the contact page on this website. 

The services offered are Universal Medicine Therapies, Counselling & Life Coaching and  Remedial Massage. We offer specialisations in Oncology massage, Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage and Girl's & Women's Health. We welcome men, women & children for sessions and also offer personalised programs to support your individual needs.


On the events page you will have access to discovering some of the most valuable health & well-being events available in Melbourne. From time to time, we will also post relevant interstate events. 

You'll find Women's Health events, Meditation classes, courses on Fertility and on aspects of Mothering. We also run online yoga programs and online support programs for women.

We will keep you updated on many more recommended events to ensure you don't miss out on the quality that Melbourne has to offer when it comes to your health & well-being.


At Living Stillness, we specialise in supporting women in all areas of their health and well-being. Here you will find programs, specifically designed to address different aspects of life such as general health, hormonal imbalances, infertility, mothering/parenting, self-worth and body image.

We offer personalised programs, workshops and will let you know of any recommended events that offer true support for women.

As women, when it comes to our health & well-being, we sell ourselves short, so often settling for a severely reduced version of who we truly are.



Because there's so much to discuss when it comes to true health and well-being we've created a podcast. Join in on the conversation with Sara & Bianca, as they discuss everything from quality of sleep to menstruation, from stigma around age to relationship with food. The topics are vast and rich!


Our blog offers the latest and most up to date information on true health and well-being. We are front and center on the world of well-being and like to challenge the norm, writing on current and relevant topics whilst offering a new perspective.


We like to think outside the square, so to speak and provide our clients and readers with very real, practical and relatable articles that don't hold back on delivering truth, because let's face it, whether we like it or not, underneath it all, truth is what we all want and love.


Providing true service empowering you to know your own body