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Living Stillness - What's in a name?

Shakespeare quote from Romeo & Juliette:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Just as Shakespeare’s character Juliette asked “What’s in a name” let’s apply this same question to the business name Living Stillness and understand the significance of each of the words Living & Stillness and why they are such a powerful combination.

What is stillness? The dictionary defines stillness as the absence of movement and sound. Based on this definition it is very difficult to understand how stillness can be applied to everyday life. According to this definition, we must be statue like, non moving and mute to achieve stillness. It would be impossible to live like that.

What is living? The dictionary definition of living is the condition of being alive. The inclusion of the word condition in this definition indicates a relationship between how we live every moment of the day and how these moments all add up to influence the quality of our life.

Let’s go deeper with our understanding of the word stillness and see how this word’s meaning can be the foundation for the quality of our living way.

The word stillness describes a quality of movement, a vibration that originates from a connection to our inner most way of being. While this type of connection might sound like something you haven’t done before, let us assure you, it is your most natural state of being and more commonly experienced than you think. Stillness brings with it a feeling of settlement, a clarity and ease that frees you from the confines of rigid thinking and lets you observe all that is before you and see the big picture. There is nothing airy fairy about stillness, it is solid, grounded and comes with an authority of knowing how to be in every moment, because it is connected to a natural source of wisdom that we all have within.

Have you ever watched the wind blowing through the trees? Witnessed the leaves surrender, dancing and gliding together in a synchronised union which creates a ripple of harmony through the air. In that moment a sense of ease and settlement takes over and you are breathing more freely. Time slows down, it becomes spacious and there is a harmonyin your body that matches the harmony of the wind flowing through the leaves.

This is stillness.

Have you ever spent time watching a baby, marvelling at their exquisitely delicate features and the beauty that emanates from their every breath and felt your own body slow down and feel very grounded?

This is stillness.

Have you ever looked up at the stars and been in awe of their expansive beauty and in this wonderment felt your body let go of all tension and feel a connection with the universe?

This is stillness.

The above examples illustrate how stillness is a very real and tangible quality that can be lived in every day moments. In fact, the ease in which we can feel stillness indicates that it is a quality that is always within us, but it is often buried under the layers of expectations and pressures we have taken on from how society dictates life should be. These layers dampen the connection to the stillness that is naturally within, and create a raciness and unsettlement that always looks outside of itself to the world and other people to define who it is. Thus, making life a perpetual cycle of seeking distraction from this created tension and unease, and forever striving to achieve a feeling of contentment though doing so we can prove this way of life is working and that we are enough. This is the stark reality of a life lived without connection to stillness which we have all accepted as normal.

In contrast, a life lived from stillness brings a simplicity, ease and harmony that can met the demands of daily life and brings an authority of knowing how to be the real you in everything you do. Once re-connected to, stillness becomes the quality that is tangibly present before any movement is made. The stillness comes first, because this is the quality of who we are, then the movement of this quality in all that we do becomes our living way. Stillness and Living, Living and Stillness cycle in an exquisite synchronisation that supports true health and wellbeing.

As you can see Living Stillness is more than just a business name, it is a quality of living that will change your life, supporting you to live the real you every day and in every way. Living with stillness returns you to a life of simplicity, ease and knowing, that brings true confidence, steadiness and a love of life.

We the owners of Living Stillness, have made these two words our way of life and we live to the best of our ability an absolute commitment to bringing stillness to our every day and every living way. Stillness makes our lives very simple, real and practical, ensuring we meet all the demands of day to day life with an ease and contentment. Living Stillness, we have left anxiousness, exhaustion and lack of confidence behind and set a new standard of normal based on connection, quality, true health and absolute love.

As a business, Living Stillness provides services that truly support your body and being and inspire you to set your own standard of normal based on a quality that empowers you to be vibrant, full and the true you.

With Love,

Bianca & Sara

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