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Was this just another Women’s Wellness Retreat?

Last weekend we held another Women’s Urban Retreat in the heart of Melbourne at the Melbourne Parkview Hotel. We had the absolute pleasure and honour of 12 women join us for the day and what a treat it was to experience, with all of us willing to really go there. Here was a group of women from all different backgrounds and stages of life sharing openly and honestly about their lived experiences. The group marvelled at how age and different experiences were not a barrier, in fact it was like when any of the participants shared, they were sharing on behalf of the whole group.

The workshopping exercises revealed common themes and challenges confirming that no matter how different a woman’s story is or how her life looks on the outside, we are essentially all the same. Women having discussions and supporting one another in this way is not our everyday experience but the retreat confirmed this level of sisterhood is readily available for all of us if we say yes to it and allow ourselves to be seen in our vulnerability and our strengths.

As one participant shared - “For me the Living Stillness Women’s Urban Retreat was a gorgeous experience where Bianca & Sara two amazing facilitators paved the way for everyone present to really feel comfortable enough to go there and truly connect to what is not true in their lives and share that with everyone, which was pretty awesome to feel. And not only were the women really honest, but they were prepared to go deeper which was very inspiring. There were so many words of wisdom coming from the women that re-confirmed for me, how given the opportunity and space like the Women’s Urban Retreat, women know and can connect with what is true, and bring an authority second to none when they express that truth.I totally enjoyed the whole experience and loved being a witness to so much inspiration and absolute beauty reflected in all of the gorgeous women present.”

Another shared how she normally struggled to express what she was feeling but the set-up of the retreat space and the holding quality she experienced from the moment she walked in allowed her to feel safe to be honest and real and discuss aspects of herself and the challenges she was meeting that she often kept hidden behind the façade of the “I’m ok” face.

So, what else sets a Living Stillness Women’s Urban retreat apart from the rest?

Firstly, everything the two presenters offer is founded on a deep respect for woman and a knowing that each and every woman is enormously wise and insightful and has all the answers she is looking for within her. Living Stillness offers a space that holds women in this knowing without imposing any ideals and beliefs on who she needs to be or what she needs to say, thus giving her the opportunity to feel and deeply connect to the knowing that is within her own body. The whole retreat is devoid of rah, rah, pep talks and quick fixes. Instead, what is offered is based on a lived way, a commitment to leaving no stone unturned in their own self development and a dedication to living life with true quality both within themselves and their relationships.

Women are also honoured in the understanding that it is a big commitment to take time out from busy schedules and say yes to putting our own nurturing first. The whole day event has a flowing quality that supports re-connection to an inner quality that so often gets layered over and forgotten about with the intensity of day to day life. As well as the rich discussion, the women all received an energetic facial release, a yoga of stillness session and a beautifully prepared lunch to support them through the day. ⠀

The quality that a Living Stillness Women’s Retreat offers was confirmed by the expression of appreciation the women shared at the end of the day:

“I enjoyed everything”

“I feel a sense of stillness and appreciation for myself”

“Feeling truly supported and nurtured. Grateful for Bianca & Sara sharing their wisdom.”

“Everything was beautiful”

“Really enjoyed the program and how the day flowed.”

“The retreat was peaceful, insightful and freeing.”

“Thank you for taking the time to prepare such a wonderful experience for people. More people in the world need this. I hope it expands and flourishes.”

A big thank you to all the women who attended the Women’s Urban Retreat. Already planning for the next one ladies!!! ✨⠀

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