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Is it time to deeply nurture you?

A client spoke to me this week about the upcoming Living Stillness Urban Retreat on Sunday 4th August and was keen to know what it was all about, I’m sharing what we discussed just in case you also felt it was time for some deep nurturing. ☺

Firstly, coming together as a group of women and sharing our lived experience is a very empowering process. We really don’t do this enough! Well, not in a way that is honouring and supportive of one another. Not only does it offer an opportunity for women to support each other but it also allows us to hear first-hand that no matter how different the outer appearance of our lives are, we all have common themes and challenges we experience as we go through the movements of our day in our own individual lives.

Women supporting each other in this way also builds trust and fosters us to be real and honest about how we are feeling in life – because how often do we try to keep it all together and put on a façade behind which we hide where we’re really at. It offers women an opportunity to reignite a true way of being with one another that cuts comparison and instead builds one another so we can be more honoring of ourselves and all simply by being real. For example, how often do we talk honestly about how we experience stress, anxiety and overwhelm? As women, we need to be talking about this together to understand the ways in which we settle in so many aspects of our lives rather than seeing there is so much more.

The retreat will also support women to build an understanding of what the true qualities of a woman are and how they support us in our everyday. These qualities are innate and equal within each and every woman, no trying needed. But how do we come back to them and live what is our most natural and normal way? This is exactly what we will be discussing whilst also providing practical tools to re-connect to these inner qualities.

In addition and as always, women in attendance will also enjoy a delicious nutritionally balanced lunch, a Yoga of Stillness session & Gentle Breath Meditation.

The Living Stillness retreats are available for all women, of all backgrounds and ages. Our retreats provide a space of deep rest, healing and support to restore and revitalise your body. Practical tools that can be built into everyday moments - no extra time needed ☺ - will be presented to support participants to build and maintain a sense of ease and flow in their life.

All women deserve an opportunity to invest in their health and well-being in a way that addresses all aspects of life. And the Living Stillness Women’s Urban Retreat does just that.

Bookings are essential. See our events page for more details.

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