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Living as a Woman, living connected...starting simply.

I recently read a fantastic blog article written by Kate Burns, on one of my favourite blog sites - Women in Livingness. I love what Kate shares about raising girls and supporting them to know their true beauty. Every which way we turn, there are images of women and messages that measure a woman's value and worth on appearance and achievements. Kate asks about the role models we have today for our young girls...and sadly, there are very few women who are living who they naturally are.

So what does this actually mean - living who you naturally are? How does one do this?

Great question and one I ask myself all the time...

Living who you are, is all about connection.

So before we are able to live it, we must be able to connect to it. What if -

- EVERY woman has a natural quality of stillness that is held in the very essence of who she is

- And that EVERY woman has an innate wisdom in her body that is always communicating with her

And what if every woman you know, including yourself, has a loveliness about her and a sweetness from the little girl she once was that has never gone away?

Through my own personal experience, I have come to know that all of the above is true. Every woman has these qualities, and not only that... she is so much more.

So where do these qualities go? Why do we hide them away? Why do we shy away from the fact that there is enormous power in our delicateness?

Do we forget or perhaps not even realise that when in our true power, we can make people melt...the hardest of men, will melt in our very presence when we just let ourselves be at ease in our body and embrace the tenderness that is so natural for us?

For me, true connection started with The Gentle Breath Meditation. It has been like a bridge back to what I already know so well from within. From here, my connection grew, my awareness developed and my quality of living became far more real and gentle. I never realised how disconnected I actually was before this! The Gentle Breath Meditation reminded me that there is a natural quality within me that doesn't run on nervous energy or simply allows the space for my natural expression in whatever it is that I am doing. This simple breathing technique reminded me that I don't have to push or try and that I don't have to work hard to 'be something'. Gosh, what an enormous relief that was to know everything I was trying to achieve and strive for, was actually already within me...and no amount of trying would ever get me fact it only ever took me further away.

This is a simple start, back to knowing the inner qualities that you naturally hold as a woman and that every young girl deserves to have nurtured in herself as she makes that transition into womanhood. Imagine growing up and never having to hide it all away? Imagine the gift of a young girl who holds this and reflects back to even younger girls that it is possible. I can feel the ever-flowing impact already. It is never too late to be a woman who reflects this to the world...

Living as a woman who is a true role model for young girls, is all about connection...true connection. Fad diets, lengthy practices, complicated breathing techniques, hour long meditations are simply not necessary. Start with a simple connection to your body and your breath and the rest is her-story:))

With simplicity and can never go wrong.

Inspired by, based on and made possible by the work of Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine and Natalie Benhayon & Esoteric Women's Health.


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