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IWD 2019. What does it mean to #BalanceForBetter?

The 2019 International Women’s Day (IWD) theme is Better the Balance, Better the world #BalanceforBetter. According to the IWD organisers “the race is on for gender-balanced boardrooms, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender balance of employees, a more gender-balance in wealth etc.” With gender-balance being the essential component for economies & communities to thrive.

Before I began my fervent race to join the gender-balance cause and change the world, the word balance kept calling to me to stop and consider: What does balance truly mean for a woman in very real & practical terms?

As women, we are known for our ability to multi-task, to successfully be across many things all at once. While on the outside this amazing juggling act may appear to be a well controlled feat of precision, more often than not, we could liken this picture to one of a duck sitting in a pond - serene on the surface but madly paddling its feet underneath the water’s edge where no-one can see, simply so it can stay afloat. Sound familiar?

Let’s face it, the intensity of modern life demands women must keep up with their to-do-list, as life simply does not function well when a woman drops the ball. More often than not the way we cope with this intensity is by disregarding our own needs & internalising the stress & overwhelm we may feel at the tasks that lay ahead, using push, drive & hardness to get things done. This way of doing results in women across the globe living with the very real & tangible feelings of racy-ness & unsettlement, which then play havoc with our physiology. This way of life is the very opposite of balance and in direct assault of a woman’s true nature & quality.

The true nature & quality of a woman is stillness, a simple way of being that is full and whole and completely balanced. It starts with connection. Connection to a source that lives within each and every one of us. A quality of oneness that brings great wisdom, settlement & understanding of how to live in life without internalising the spin, supporting modern life to be infused with its quality and ensuring balance is present with all you have to do.

Movement based on connection to stillness produces spacious synchronicity, where the pressure of time slows and the woman is untouched by the intensity of the outer world, her to-do-list no longer bothersome as she moves from task to task with her body feeling complete and grounded, embodying the wisdom of how to be in all she has to do. Some may describe this quality and its ability to be moved in modern day life as magical, and while it is, this way of being is also our true right, our true movement as women. There is no fight needed to attain this quality, for it eternally lives within, The natural quality of a woman guarantees balance and with this all around her will thrive and the ripple effect of stillness will be felt across the world.

Celebrate the truth of who you are as a woman this International Women’s Day and honour the exquisite beauty that you have within, treasuring and adoring yourself in full. For as women, like all human beings, we have an enormous impact on the quality of how life can be.

References: International Women’s Day website, accessed 6/3/2019 []

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