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The Beholding Nature of Women

As a woman, have you ever stopped to consider the foundational role you play in life?

How within our physical body we have a delicate interplay of so many elements that when in harmonious alignment allow a woman’s uterus or womb to be a beholder of life? How a woman’s body provides a nurturing space for the development and growth of a being, who when ready, will be birthed from its first snug and secure home, this en-housing womb, out into the big wide world?

While the magic of reproduction and all its intricacies could be explored and marveled at length, this is not the focus of this blog.

Instead, let’s look deeper at the beholding quality that women have, that is more than just physical and that does not require a woman to be pregnant, be a mother or even be thinking about these two options. For the beholding quality is innate, there within each and every woman from the moment she is born. An ever-present companion that a woman can consciously be aware of if she chooses to live a life of connection to the wisdom that is within.

Perhaps throughout your life you have noticed how your presence holds those that live within your sphere, similar to how a foetus is held inside the womb, and how this holding quality provides a safe space of nurturing, development and growth.

Have you considered how the holding quality you bring by simply being you, supports life to run smoothly?

How your presence has a ripple effect that observes life and understands what may be needed to restore balance. When connected to this inner awareness, it is not uncommon for a woman to offer pearls of wisdom that bring greater clarity to challenges that may be presenting for a loved one, friend or colleague.

Women have an enormous capacity to support people and this beholding quality is one of her greatest strengths. Feeling held allows a person to feel safe, to consciously stop, breath and be very present with how they feel. In the warmth of this beholding you are given a moment of honouring, a tangible feeling of being met to your core, which is so rare, yet so needed in our fast-paced world which is devoid of meeting the precious being we all have within.

When you are on the receiving end and cocooned in this beholding quality, it feels like time slows down & clarity ensues, and you are confirmed in the strength of your inner most core, a place where wisdom & acceptance is found. From this place of settlement, we are given the opportunity to connect to what is needed next, be that a movement of action or a moment to wait and be still.

An important distinction is that beholding does not require a woman to do anything, it is not about carrying people, it is a quality that comes from within that only requires connection to her innermost being and does not require doing. Whereas with carrying people there is a doing, an activity that the woman goes into that requires a person to change, a need for people to be a certain way. Within this pushing and trying to help people by carrying them through the challenge they may be experiencing, the woman’s presence becomes devoid of observation and understanding, leaving her feeling exhausted. The true beholding of women comes with space, acceptance and an absolute honouring that people have their own path to live and that they can be held in who they are no matter what is occurring in their life.

The beholding that women bring is absolutely exquisite and provides a healing, nourishing and fortifying quality to a person’s inner being. How beautiful that this innate quality just is and does not require the woman to do anything but simply be connected to herself. How a woman being connected supports all those in her sphere with no effort required and how this support for others expands exponentially when a woman brings this beholding quality to herself first.

You read correctly, when a woman is beholding of herself first, bringing observation, acceptance, love and honouring to how she feels, no matter what she is experiencing, she is offered healing, nourishing and fortifying from a place deep within her, that then supports all those around her even more. True beholding ensures a woman is never left out, she is always included. The woman is loved beyond measure for she is absolutely essential to the evolution of life. Not just because of what she can bring forth physically but because of the whole being-ness a woman brings from the quality she has within.

Are you getting it? As a woman you are essential to life and while the same can equally be said about men and the true qualities they bring to life, let us simply stop and feel what this foundational role means for you as a woman.

Does it inspire you to be more loving, caring, nurturing and beholding of yourself?

The Living Stillness Women’s Urban Retreat explores the foundational qualities that make you the exquisite woman you are and provides you with practical, take home tools to assist you to love, care, nurture and keep deepening your relationship with these inner most qualities that offer absolute support for all.

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